It was truly amazing to have the opportunity to mentor Suzanne through CRI. Not only was I able to have a relationship with her, but I was also able to learn so much from her. Suzanne became the little sister I’ve never had, and I was able to share so much of my life with her. It was also rewarding to see her grow in her faith through all the struggles in life, and I’m glad that God put me in her life to help support her through some of them. The curriculum was also really useful, as it contained scenarios and scripture that were relatable to our everyday lives. Being a part of each other’s lives was, and will continue to be, a growing experience, but I trust that God will be with us every step of the way. I believe we both learned a lot from each other, as well as from this experience, and I’m extremely excited to see what God has planned for us ahead!- Virginia Ng, CRI Mentor 2012-2013

I was pretty nervous when I first signed up for the CRI program, and I really had no idea what I was supposed to expect, but it ended up being a pretty nice experience. Even though I didn’t know Virginia before CRI, I actually found it pretty easy to talk to her about things that were on my mind. I think my favorite part about having her as my mentor was knowing that she was there to support me and encourage me. During my time as a CRI student, Virginia taught me lots about the importance of prayer. If I didn’t understand something, her response would be to pray about it, and while it was frustrating at times, I think it was a good reminder. I learned that people don’t have to be perfect or amazing or anything extraordinary to make a difference in another person’s life. All you really need are faith and love.- Suzanne Lee, CRI Student 2012-2013

Despite being hesitant about my mentoring abilities, I joined the program filled with high expectations, believing that my mentee must be burning with passion for God and should be quite teachable and receptive. As I gradually learned about his family, friends, and his walk with God, my vision of a smooth sailing mentorship was shattered. Every meeting, I realized there was more work, and there were weeks where I felt useless, failing to incite any change or growth, only perceiving his repeated mistakes. But thankfully, I was able to quickly come to terms with entrusting him into God’s hands. It wasn’t so much about raising him to my level of expectations in spirituality, but about me being faithful and playing a supportive role while leaving the rest up to God. There was one particular meeting I was planning to cancel since it was perhaps one of the hardest weeks in my life, and I could barely care for myself emotionally, let alone a mentee that depended on me. But I since I committed to this responsibility, I couldn’t abandon it, and was pleasantly surprised when we had deep chats that day and also one of the best Bible studies, trying to grasp what it means in Ezekiel to “stand in the gap.” Afterwards, intrigued by my Bible’s commentaries he powered through them alone while I watched. It was an encouraging day that transformed my perspective. It helped me to see God’s glory amidst all the joys and sorrows and to put others above myself. Overall, I certainly developed more trust in God and patience during times of frustration, catching a glimpse of fatherhood. Though I felt inadequate, hesitated joining, and slacked off later, I believe God blessed the both of us through the CRI program.- Gregory Wong, CRI Mentor 2012-2013

I had very little expectations when I decided to register for the CRI program; I just wanted some direction in my spiritual growth. Greg was someone I looked up to, and I wanted him to be my mentor, so I requested for that to be arranged. We would go to Mcdonald’s in the mornings that we met and would tell each other about our weeks and how we are doing. Then we proceed to go through the month’s topic in the book. I learned a lot studying the Bible through the CRI program booklet. I never thought that I could talk to strangers about God, but one of the challenges from the booklet we took on was evangelizing to people. Though we were only able to talk to one person, it felt like a huge step forward. Cor. 2:1 was inspiring, when Paul says “I did not come with eloquence or human wisdom as I proclaimed to you the testimony about God.” Anyone can share their experiences with God; it doesn’t require any human wisdom or skill in speech. One time Greg asked me if I even wanted to grow, or something similar to that. I thought about it, and came up with an honest answer: I want to want to grow. Greg rendered my answer null by saying that he wants to want to want to become President of the United States. I want to grow closer to God, but I don’t want to give up many things. Of course, ideally I would want to dedicate my whole life to God. Sadly, I don’t want to give up these things. Though I don’t think I’m anywhere near being at a place that God wants me to be at, my experience with CRI is a big motivating push forward to slowly eliminating those want to’s.- Andrew Leung, CRI Student 2012-2013

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