The Campus Representatives Initiative (CRI) is a leadership development program that partners with churches and campus groups to equip and shape high school and college students, assisting them in the process of personal vision-casting and goal development, nurturing their spiritual growth with the hope and expectation that they will not only become tomorrow’s leaders but today’s influencers.

How it works:

Once your ministry has expressed interest in the CRI program, our consultants will work with you to identify what time frame (3-9 months) and mentorship model (individual or group) is most suitable for your ministry needs. The CRI program can be implemented at any time in the year and enough material is provided in the course booklet to last for nine months. Each mentor and student participant will be equipped with a course booklet and will consistently meet one-on-one or in a small group setting for the duration of the program. Through this process, mentor and student will embark on a journey together that will take them deep into the Word of God, help them to reflect on and understand how they have been shaped and can shape their environment, and challenge them to tackle their own growth and the problems that they see in their communities head on.

What you get:

  • An initial hands-on training session for all interested mentors
  • Two training and debrief sessions to further develop the skills of the mentors
  • One course booklet for each mentor and student participant (sold individually)
  • Tons of promotional resources and templates to help you reach parents, recruit mentors, and get your students excited and on board
  • Discounted pricing for workshops and seminars held by any official Presence/RE:NEW speaker
  • Step-by-step professional guidance and advice from program start till finish.


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